Ireland Brownfield Network

Welcome to our Network

The Ireland Brownfield Network was established in 2012 by a group of environmental professionals from both jurisdictions on the island of Ireland with the collective aim of promoting the appropriate assessment and sustainable development of brownfield land.

Over the past eight years, the IBN has held and attentended numerous technical conferences in Dublin, Belfast and Cork. The IBN has over 500 members in Ireland and further afield from a broad background including regulator bodies, local authorities, consultancies, contractors and accedemia.

The IBN aims to encourage constructive dialogue and interaction with all those involved in the redevelopment of brownfield land across the Island of Ireland. In doing so, the collective learning experiences, best practices and effective strategies can be shared to the betterment of the general industry.

The IBN is organised and run by an Executive Committee comprising ten volunteers from various professions. The IBN is free to join and open to all.